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2-Day or Weekend Plan

If you are visiting New York City for a weekend or for 2 days, you will have many more options to engage in different activities and enjoy the diversity that the city has to offer. Now that you are on this page and have not considered an itinerary, perhaps you will consider the frenetic pace of the 1-Day Plan (or "better than nothing" plan). The Big Apple deserves a longer visit!

First, do the 1-Day Plan, bearing in mind that you will have another day to enjoy shopping or a boat trip. You may choose to forego a sightseeing tour, or, if you enjoy having it done for you, you may also enjoy a more extended sightseeing tour, or even a different sort of package that might encompass a night tour.

Other recommended things to do for the 2-Day Plan:
  • If you are here on a Sunday, you could go to Chinatown, either catching the eateries for a "dim-sum" (literally "a little bit of heart") brunch before the church crowd comes out of services, or else, after your religious services. There are different places that offer dim-sum, where those who are not so familiar may enjoy the sight of the carts being rolled to you with different types of dumplings and small eats, from which you select what looks good to you!  It's definitely an activity for a family or larger group, and not for a single visitor. This could impact on your decision as to where you have dinner on Day 1 or what you might like to do after your Staten Island ferry trip. But a stroll through the bustling New York City Chinatown is a must, full of its unique sounds of commerce and Asian color and culture.
  • Top on the list of worthwhile things to do and just slightly off the Museum Mile, is the Frick Collection. This beautiful Renaissance-style building with peaceful courtyard houses a wonderful collection, and offers a glimpse not just into the art itself, but the superb taste of the collector. The museum itself is open all days except on Monday, and is the perfect size for a 1-2 hour visit, before the eyes and attention tire. For more information, go to

  • Without going too far afield, you could also take a ride up north  to a peaceful area with wonderful views called "The Cloisters." A division of he Metropolitan Museum of Art, this houses a European Medieval collection, appropriate to the setting. (N.B. If you really enjoy museums or wish to enter the top attractions as opposed to the quick overview, and are planning to spend more time in museums if you are in the city for 2 or more days, consider getting a a pass to the top attractions for a single price, and avoid waiting in line. Check  For directions and information for The Cloisters, go to
  • You will probably want to take in an evening show or play. You can get discount theater tickets at Times Square on the day of the performance, and while it involves waiting in line, the people-watching is spectacular. The Times Square Theater Center, on 47th Street & Broadway is open Monday through Saturday (for evening performances) 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Wednesday & Saturday (for matinee tickets) 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and on Sunday (for matinee & evening tickets) 11:00 a.m. to evening (varies with show times). For more information on theater tickets or for a CBS show, check online at
  • Another interesting option is to get tickets to the taping of a TV show e.g. the David Letterman show, just one of many hosted in New York City. For information on these, see
  • Or, go to a sports event, weather willing, always good for family bonding time:
  • There is ample opportunity for any type of shopping your heart might desire, from the major department stores to specialty shopping e.g. in the Garment District. It all depends on the wallet and the time constraints. A good site to browse:

Really, if you want to rest your feet and soak in a bit of a very quirky side of the city, stop by Washington Square Park, play a Scrabble game, read, or watch the chess players. It is superbly entertaining, as well as being in the middle of something historic. For a little background, see

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