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If you have the luxury of having 3 days or more in the New York City area, you can do absolutely everything suggested for the 1-Day and 2-Day plans and more. If you are the museum type, and would enjoy more museum visits,  you can get a better overview of museums when you check You could also take advantage of more of the guided tours, including a tour of Central Park. Don't forget to look into the city pass mentioned on the 2-Day page.

In addition, here are ideas for getaways from New York City, either if you are a resident of the city, and are looking to get away for an overnight with your guest(s), or you are a visitor looking to expand your tourist experience!

  • Consider exploring the Hudson Valley, a truly scenic, tranquil area. You could do a more extended trip on the train, with one or two stops and an overnight or two, or if you want a mini-experience for an afternoon, you could take the train from Grand Central to Yonkers and have a drink or dinner overlooking the river. In the summer, there is live music, and it is a very pleasant way to while away a few hours. For information, look at If taking a more extended trip, check the Amtrak site, looking for the train route called the Ethan Allen Express.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey, is well served by public transportation, and has a boardwalk, shopping, very glitzy hotels (Atlantic City used to host the annual Miss America pageant) and casinos to (almost) rival Las Vegas. You could also rent a car of a couple of days for your getaways, as it is easy driving distance. If your interest is piqued, check the official site, where you can also get directions and links to accommodations:

  • The bedrock of American history and the founding fathers is unquestionably Philadelphia, a manageable train ride, bus ride or train ride away. If you have the time, a night or two in Philadelphia will be very worthwhile. It is very much a walking city, easy to navigate, with beautiful buildings and that sense of being steeped in history. Other than the train, a very interesting and inexpensive option for travel from New York City that has sprung up and expanded  in the last few years is the Chinatown bus, that connects New York City's Chinatown with the Chinatowns of major cities like Boston and Philadelphia for a very reasonable fare. This is no luxury coach, but is popular with students who commute, and will certainly get you where you need to go!  For information on this and Philadelphia, check: and also,, which will give you all the practical information on Philadephia that you will need.
  • 55 miles away from New York City is Warwick, a perfect getaway place for a weekend or an overnight in a romantic bed-and-breakfast. Warwick has several wineries, good shopping (including interesting boutiques), restaurants, and an arts colony. It is not particularly well served by public transportation, and is best accessed by car. For the official Warwick site, look at

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